​As a woman, you have complex and unique needs. Your individuality can only be sufficiently met with an exclusive program-- designed just for you.

As you approach menopause, changes in aging begin to occur more rapidly. This dramatic and sudden experience often shifts hormone levels around, which can result in:


Low energy levels


Cognitive issues – frequently known as "brain fog"

Thin skin

Dry, thinning skin – minimal elasticity


Weight gain - even while exercising and “eating right”


Aches, joint pain and stiffness

Couple Love

Vaginal dryness leading to discomfort during intercourse


Hot Flashes


A shift in bladder control


Irritability, anxiety and overall mood changes

Moon Sleep

Poor sleep quality

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Decreased libido and sexual arousal

Medical conditions, especially underlying ones frequently appear or become worse with menopause.

These include:

Blood Pressure

Cholesterol levels and blood pressure


Increased risk of heart disease or stroke


Loss of bone density / osteoporosis

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Your Hormones Control How You Feel

These two hormones play critical roles in your female health. Everything from hot flashes to sleepless nights are a result from this almost immediate loss of hormones.

From there onward the other symptoms start, including a general lack of sex drive and vaginal dryness. This is not simply a superficial condition, it’s one that involves complex processes inside the body. There can be serious health conditions if not treated correctly.

Keep in mind that although menopause is a natural part of the aging process, living without treatment is not. There is absolutely no reason to go through the pain, fear and significant changes of menopause without a trusted team there to help you get you body back.

Rx Therapy for Women

Stabilized mood

Increased bone density

Improved glucose control

Lowered cholesterol levels

Improved cognitive function enhanced libido and sexual arousal

Improved body composition - percent of fat vs lean muscle

Thyroid Hormone

Women are much more prone to sensitivity in the thyroid than men.

There are several factors that must be considered when measuring each individual hormone. Ranges are generally considered the standard. If you fall somewhere between the range, most doctors will consider you fine. We consider the ranges too wide to be accurate. It would be like throwing a dart that barely touches the dart board and calling it a bullseye. The “normal” range is a one size fits all approach and cannot be considered accurate. If left untreated, a simple hormone imbalance can lead to serious underlying issues.


Low levels of DHEA are associated with heart disease, depression, cognitive decline, low bone density and overall mortality. As with many important hormones, DHEA declines as you age. Making course corrections can lead to significant improvements in:

  • Bone density
  • Fat free mass
  • Mental stability
  • Sexual arousal
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Overall sense of well-being
  • Lower risk of heart disease and stroke
  • IGF-1 – your own natural growth hormone

A Personalized-DNA-driven program

There is nothing more powerful than having a customized plan, made from the unique rhythms of your own body. Each one of our programs is tailored to individual needs. You won’t find anything that resembles this level of diagnostic ability and prevention at your primary care physician’s office. Our team undergoes a year long rigorous certification process to be a part of the Cenegenics® team.

We make everything from your first consultation call to your annual evaluations an experience. With many of our world wide locations situated next to fine dining, entertainment and get-away like hotels-- we encourage you to live life to the fullest.That’s what our program has helped over 35,000+ patients do so far!

Our team is excited to provide you with an incredible experience!


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