What Happens As We Age?

Aging is often seen in a negative light, and there’s certainly a few reasons why.

Some of them include:

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Fading energy levels – You still feel energy, but it’s in spurts and doesn’t ever last the whole day through.


Slowed mental agility – it’s becomes harder to maintain laser-like focus and your outlook is a little bit cloudy compared to previous years.


Increased fat storage - Even with workouts and “eating” right, the pounds won’t go away.


Loss of muscle or endurance - Lifting good sized weights has become harder and family hikes leave you out of breath halfway through.


A long work day accompanied by a loss in energy

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Lack of recovery speed after physical exertion

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A declining libido and suffering love life

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Difficulty falling or staying asleep

Decline in testosterone levels as men age

Starting as young as 25-- hormones like DHEA, thyroid, growth hormone and others begin to diminish at varying rates. If this is neglected over the course of years or decades it can create serious underlying health issues. These declines are associated with several conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

Is it aging that causes hormone loss or does hormone loss cause aging? Although this question is surrounded by intrigue within the medical community, it doesn’t matter all that much when it comes to treatment. The important takeaway is that Rx therapy (when clinically indicated) provides exceptional health and wellness benefits by balancing your body’s hormonal functions. There is no substitute or science-based alternative to hormonal balancing.

As a man, testosterone is one element of your personal fountain of youth. This necessary hormone allows you to put on muscle, lose fat, feel boundless energy and raise your overall health to optimal levels. When it’s not functioning correctly, everything becomes out of alignment and sometimes you can just tell that something isn’t right.

Where should my test levels be?

There are many factors involved, but ranges are very wide. Just because you’re within the “normal” range doesn’t mean that your levels are optimal. Limping along on the low end of the range means everything is “technically” OK. Because the range is so wide, it could also mean serious issues down the road. Not to mention any current ailments being swept under the rug, due to the superficial look at your hormones.

As an example, the "normal range" for testosterone by Quest Labs is 250 - 1100. 275 is normal and so is 1075! When it comes to balancing hormones, there is no one size fits all approach. Each man needs a thorough and personalized evaluation.


Balancing Hormones Is Just One Element Of A Successful Program

Once your body is responding to the correct hormone levels, there are certain things that we can implement to aid and enhance your age defiance program.

Backed by evidence-based science-- we provide personalized-DNA-driven food maps, allowing your body to follow it’s natural appetite. Eating eat, traveling and enjoying your social life doesn’t have to end. We encourage that through your new program. Remember, this will be tailored around your unique lifestyle and daily needs.

Our metabolic fusion training packs on lean muscle, allowing you to burn more calories at rest and sculpting away excess fat. Deficiencies can leave you feeling tired, worn and out of sync with your goals. When needed, we also provide nutrient supplementation (when clinically indicated) to optimize your cellular health.

No program can be complete without cardiovascular training and stretching. These keep you loose and over time actually increase your endurance ability.

When all this is combined with regular monitoring, a super man is born. From the very start you will see your enhanced life forming and the old, tired, weaker you fading away.

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Isn’t it time to take back your health?

With our Elite Health Evaluation, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to live the rest of your life on your own terms. Our age defiance program results in:

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Highly reduced risk of age related diseases

Increased strength and stamina

Better body composition

Enhanced cognitive function

Dramatically improved sleep

Increased sex drive and performance

Renewed endurance and stamina

Our team of certified doctors monitors all supplementation and therapies closely, making adjustments when needed.

A Special Note About Growth Hormone (hGH)

Aging doesn’t have to be a nightmare or something to fear. With the knowledge base, practical application and unparalleled commitment to serve you-- Cenegenics® provides all the tools necessary for changing your life.

Our team is ready to provide you with an incredible experience!

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