Advanced Testing

Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention

Our advanced testing can be split into two parts: Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Telomere Testing. Both are incredibly important and provide valuable feedback on how to bypass any future heart issues and get the most out of your age defiance program.

Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention

Heart related diseases are the number one killer of Americans. Every 39 seconds someone dies from heart disease or stroke. In the past and still today, everything from fad diets to invasive treatments have been used to manage these issues with little success. Cenegenics knows that treatment methods for heart disease must be unique to each patients body. There is no one size fits all.

Do you know what is 100x more powerful than treatment?


Our comprehensive program targets prevention, using state-of-the-art lab diagnostics and extremely effective testing parameters. Designed by a group of the world’s leading doctors and heart specialists-- this program truly changes and saves lives. It takes prevention to a whole new level, allowing you to reach a new level of living.

It’s Never Too Late To Be Proactive

Because the risk of heart attack is so high, we start screening as young as 30 years old. The sooner you know what’s coming down the road, the sooner you can adjust your route.

We’ve partnered with 3 of the top diagnostic labs in the country for enhanced precision, accuracy and ultimately prevention.

Depending on many factors, tests may include:

  • Genetic markers – Your inherited factors can help us measure your unique risks.
  • Advanced cholesterol panels – There are many important aspects never covered in a “standard” lipids panel.
  • Inflammatory markers - This helps uncover underlying issues that may lead to long term issues if not corrected.

How Telomeres Affect You

Telomeres can be a complex subject. The two most important things to note are:

1. Measuring the length of a telomere can tell your biological age (which is different from your chronological age).

2. You can effectively make changes to prevent premature aging.

Each time a cell divides, telomeres shortens. Lifestyle choices such as smoking and underlying issues such as chronic inflammation can make them shorten faster, ultimately shortening your lifespan.

Wouldn’t it be powerful if you could learn of one or two small corrections that could prevent a stroke in the near future? That’s almost like getting a second chance on life!

"Telomere length measurements can provide valuable feedback on one's disease risks and, potentially, the effects of lifestyle changes."

– Dr. Elizabeth H. Blackburn, 2009 Nobel Laureate for telomere science

The Life Length® Telomere Test

Our premier partner in telomere testing is Life Length®. They lead the industry in providing testing for researchers and doctors alike. A telomere test only holds relevance if it’s accurate. An inaccurate test can lead you down a road of wasted money, time and not to mention fear. Our program is designed around veracity, effectiveness and prevention.

Youth can start today.

Our team is looking forward to providing you with an incredible experience!


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